A Taste of Greece by Mavrikos Imports S.A. - exporters of Greek products to supermarket chains, wholesalers and importers Greek products - Foodstuffs, Wine, Ouzo, Olive Oil

Greek products, ouzo, wine, olive oil, foodstuff

Mavrikos Imports S.A. is an exporter of superior quality Greek products to wholesalers, supermarket chains and other importers.

Our range is exhaustive comprising over 2,000 products including, olive oil, herbs, olives and olives preservatives, wines, teaspoon delights, halva, traditional pasta, fish and assorted preserved vegetables in jars as well as some dairy products, Greek dishes and liqueurs, ouzo, wines, brandies and home made liqueurs.

Our clients are some of the biggest importers and supermaket chains wordwide. We are proud to be Greek and be able to share with you the mouthwatering tastes of this country!