After Infidelity – The moment you get cheated on

The moment you get to know that your partner cheated on you, you feel so much pain, devastated, betrayed. There are so many emotions at that time, and one of them is the idea of staying or go away. That moment you feel angry, and you want to walk away right the very moment. But as you calm down, you will realize the losses you will and your kids are your priority. During that moment, it is not ideal for making decisions right away; you might regret the decisions you made during that time. You have to bear in mind that the damage had been done already and nothing can do the past. You focus on the present and the future. It cannot be denied that love is everywhere to found after divorce, but as many divorced people shared their thoughts that there is no better than the first partner they had left.

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There is no reason to stay if you are unhappy, but as long you wanted to keep it for the sake of family, and you want to give it another try, then you can have options to take to make it all work. Approach a counselor that will help you identify the roots of all this infidelity. From there, you and your partner will be guided to correct the mistaken one and opens a chance for counseling that you two will be at ease in whatever the counseling outcomes. Counseling helps a lot in people who suffer from traumatic experiences caused by pain that would greatly change a person’s perspective in life. In this way, you will find the reason to stay and fight for what you think and feel is right for you and your family.

I have seen a lot of couples getting back together, enrolling themselves in counseling. It helps them a lot in giving second chances, and now their love is lovelier the second time around. They became sensitive to their partner’s feelings, and they became careful dealing with their issues with each other. They will not just argue on small things and end up hanging ar9ound. They give more time to one another; they became closer and lovelier. Second chances are not so bad at all. As long as you are willing to accept your flaws, you get the imperfections of your partner. Remember that you need to take your partner’s positive and negative attributes for humans as we do negative side that sometimes misunderstood by the people who knew us.

There is only one thing you lose when you choose to stay and to go, that is PRIDE. Pride should go for you to live happily and love with no fear. Satisfaction is the hindrance of all the happiness in the world and with that it is necessary to eliminate it in our life, and that choosing you stay makes you a winner for bitting up pride.  It is pride will go, and you will stay.

Being in a relationship is not an easy task

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