Do Glasses Make Us Smarter?

in some ways it does. there is something that makes a person think that when a guy or a lady is wearing glasses. it is a stereotype that people have been used to. the part of the reason is that glasses have been tied up to nerds. when people think of nerds they definitely think about two things and that is smart and glasses. even though there is no scientific evidence that it has a relationship. but that is what is common and that what people assume. people who have glasses or wear it is smart in some ways like math or decent when it comes to academic background. it’s something that might not change for a very long time. even when wearing glasses there is a feeling that is different about it.

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it can make a person feel more sophisticated or smart even if that might not be the case. glasses has definitely evolved through the years and it has got better and better. there are a lot of designs that are not the same as it was in the past boring and very common. people use it for a lot of reason aside from helping with the vision. women who wear glasses definitely looks more attractive for some people. although it’s preference. there are definitely more men who tends to think that women who wear glasses are more attractive or some kind of cute in a lot of ways. in the past glasses might not be cool and people tend of have negative feelings about it. kids who wear glasses at school have a better chance of getting teased or getting bullied. even though they definitely need it because of poor eyesight. but public opinion have not been the same through time. now it’s getting more on the positive side. wearing eye glasses makes people think that it’s attractive, or sexy which it is definitely is. aside from being or looking like a smart person. it definitely helps in the looks department.

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it can make a guy look like the total package, smart and attractive. that same effect can be said when it comes to ladies who war glasses. it’s definitely making people feel all sorts of stuff. as time goes on and glasses continues to improve. it will also make life for people who really need glasses to have an easy time because a lot are going to appreciate it more and accept it at the very least. eyeglasses are certainly going to be tied with the opinion of smartness at the same time for a long time and that’s not going to change. looks are definitely apart of why many people want to wear glasses nowadays. it does not necessarily mean that they need it to have a better eyesight. but to look and feel good and that is totally find because there are so many who appreciate it and wants to see more of it. it’s a great thing to wear for sure.

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