Have an all-natural way of living

Living a simpler life is the most perfect thing in the world. When we live in a simple way it just means that things went better and good for us. I know all of us want to live in the city and have a better life. but I realize there is a life is the mountain or in an island away from everything.

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The true meaning of life can only be found in silence. in a place where you can listen to yourself more and have more time to your family. I was born in a rich family. I can say that my parents can provide me everything that I ever wanted. In one snap I can have it on hand. they work hard and travel a lot to gain more money until to the time that I was left to maids. Most of my days spent with maids and guards. And that’s the price I have to pay for having a great life. I knew that from that moment I was sad and depressed. I grow without parents by my side though everything is in my life. and that’s the most heart breaking part of growing alone.

I promise myself that when the time comes I will live simple with my family. When I met Jane in my life who also a simple woman and a hard working one, I fall in love with her. I was 24 when I get married and my parents were very mad for choosing a woman who is not in our level. I was thrown away with my parents and no financial support. well that’s fine as I also have the dream in my life. I and my wife went to mountain and live the city. we are determined to have a simple way of living there and everything we look is on nature.

I started to build our house from the woods in the mountains. thanks to nature I am able to have a beautiful home to sleep. my wife got pregnant so most of the time she is in the house resting. I was working in the mountain and always bring fruits when I get home. the fruits here were free and very nutritious. My wife can have a nutritious diet too. Until my wife gets birth I support then with what nature can give. we all have a natural way of living and that’s fine with us.

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I want my kids to appreciate life in a simpler way. I want them to know that life here in mountains are more perfect and amazing than the city. there are lots of things you can find here free. we get our medicine in many varieties of plants and vegetable here too. A simple way of living makes us more human.

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