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Greek Olive oil

Olives and olive oil are mentioned in the earliest written Greek texts, the clay tables found in the palaces of Knossos, Pylos and Mycenae, which date to the fifteenth century B.C. On the recently deciphered tables from the palace of Knossos, in Crete (circa 1375 B.C.), one of the inscriptions reads : "Olive oil to all the gods of Amnissos".

Olive oil has beneficial effects on brain and nervous system development as well as on overall growth. It shields the body against infection and helps in the healing of tissues, internal and external. Olive oil is a panacea, the perfect oil for all ages. And every time scientists look into the reasons behind an olive oil advantage empirically known and employed by the people of the Mediterranean, it is certain that they will come across evidence of yet another unique biological attribute.

Greece is the way of taking a real pleasure from a glass of
ouzo at midday, or from a teaspoon delight served with a glass of gold water in the afternoon.

Hellenic Olive oil was and still is the main fat used in Greek
cooking and baking.

Greek olive oils