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Ouzo is the most popular Greek spirit. In many parts of the country similar, less fragrant, spirits are made :

Distilling the tsikoudia - which in Grete are the grape branches and the rest of the residues left from the wine pressings - produces tsikoudia, a clear unflavored spirit. It's more or less the same as the drink called tsipouro or raki in the north.

Ouzo, which is the product name of the drink that can be made only in Greece, according to EC regulations, is this distilled spirit flavored with anise and other aromatic grains. In the north, ouzo is dry; in the south, some sugar is added to make it sweeter. Many people believe that the best ouzo
is made in Lesbos.

When mastic, the resin of the mastic bushes that grow in Chios, is also used to flavor the distilled spirit instead of anise, it produces a more aromatic drink called masticha. It is used in baking, but also as a drink,
drunk mostly by women.


Greek ouzo